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Canadian Safety Institute

Safety Leadership and Culture

Safety Leadership and Culture

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Health and safety is a key performance measure within successful and forward-thinking organizations. Effective leaders recognize that health and safety are not only moral imperatives but also contribute to achieving objectives across various organizational spectrums, including finance, operations, compliance, and governance. Productivity improvements, competitive advantages, talent retention, and effective risk management are just a few of the benefits that stem from a strong organizational health and safety performance and culture. Whether it's finance, marketing, human resources, or health and safety, leaders should continually strive to develop their understanding of each component within their organization to monitor and positively influence overall performance.


Our Safety Leadership and Culture course is designed to support both savvy and aspiring leaders in gaining a core understanding of how their behaviours and responsibilities directly impact health and safety management.


Target Audience:

The course is intended for senior and middle managers and all those who are responsible for managing risks and resources and interested in improving their company’s safety culture.  


Course Duration:

8-16 hours of content to be completed at your own pace within a maximum span of 3 months. This self-paced format is designed to accommodate the schedules of busy professionals.


Syllabus Overview:


Module 1. The foundations of H&S leadership
- What is H&S Leadership
- Moral, legal, business reasons for H&S
- Sharing responsibilities for H&S

Module 2. Safety culture
- Safety culture as part of organizational culture
- Characteristics of safety culture
- Safety culture maturity ladder
- How leaders shape safety culture

Module 3. A system approach to H&S
- Management system thinking in H&S
- Setting an H&S policy
- Determining H&S objectives and KPIs - measuring "the right things"
- Commitment to continual improvement in H&S

Module 4. A risk-based approach to H&S
- The terminology of risk assessment
- A risk assessment process
- Risk profiling

Module 5. Human failure affecting decision-making in H&S
- Human factors
- Human errors vs violations
- "Thinking fast and thinking slow"
- Mental shortcuts (mind traps)
- Cognitive biases
- Personal beliefs

Module 6. Visible leadership in H&S
- How leaders can build and promote a shared vision
- What practical actions leaders can take to promote H&S

Module 7. Engaging employees and building relationships
- Building rapport and trust with others
- Leadership practices for engaging employees in H&S

Module 8. Motivation and recognition
- Internal motivation
- Recognition of safe behaviour and achievements

Module 9. Effective communication in H&S
- Effective communication tips
- A safety moment
- "Darn good questions" about safety
- A leadership safety tour

Module 10. Final reflective assignment


Learning Format:

Experience the freedom of self-paced learning with our online course materials, accessible around the clock for your utmost convenience. Benefit from the limitless guidance and support offered by our dedicated team of instructors, ensuring a seamless and enriching educational journey.


Upon successfully completing the course program and the final assessment, you will receive a Canadian Safety Institute certificate.


Enrol in our Safety Leadership and Culture course today to become a catalyst for positive change in your organization, fostering an environment where safety thrives alongside productivity and innovation.

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